Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!
A very big welcome to all in Year 1 from Miss Lyons, Mrs Waterton and Miss Matthews.  We have a very exciting year ahead of us starting with our first topic being all about castles.  Year 1 have just completed their first week in Year 1 which has meant taking in lots of new information and learning routines.  We look forward to the year ahead with all of you!!



Please look at the gallery for what we have been up to!

Look at our art gallery. We are using our topic of "In the Mind's Eye" to explore art.

This was our topic board in our classroom when it was "Long, Long Ago" to remind the children of all the words to do with castles.  If you look very closely you will see all the children became princesses, knights and princes over the summer.

Days to remember


Our PE day in Year 1 is Monday and Wednesday so it is important that your child has their PE kit with them on that day.  Please remember trainers.


Show and tell will be on a Friday but will be structured with a rota, due to the amount of children.

Homework-Set on Fridays and due back on the following Wednesday.

Please look in your child's homework book for their homework.


Children have their own spellings stuck into their homework book ready for a spelling test on Friday.

Ready for every Friday 

As this is the first Terrific Times Table quiz the children have been given a bit longer to learn their number facts by heart ready for Friday.  Your child will have a piece of card with the facts that they need to learn in preparation for the quiz.