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Thursday 11th June

Hello year 4


Here are your activities for Thursday's home learning!



Watch the clip, have a go at the activity sheet OR try the alternative.  If you like, have a go at the problem of the day!

Divide 3 digit by 1-digit number



I have added a couple of videos of books written in the style of diary entry's.  Today's activity I would like you to write a diary entry in the form of your favourite book character or sporting hero.  For example, Harry Kane the first time he scored a goal for England or Charlie when he turned into a spider (our daily read book which we haven't yet finished).  Try and think about what you might be thinking or how you might have felt if you were one of these characters and this had happened to you.


And don't forget today's spelling challenge. smiley

Diary of a Wombat - by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley (© Harper Collins Publishing)

📚 Kids Book Read Aloud: DIARY OF A WORM by Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss

Science and fun stuff


Today we are looking at food hygiene and microbes in the kitchen.  Take the quiz and have a go at spotting the mistakes made by the children.  I have uploaded some experiments to see what happens to different microcrobes (some take a few weeks) or have a go at making your own microscope! 

I thought you might like to end the day with some music and dancing - if you made any instruments yesterday use them to play along to the rhythm or alternatively check out the exercise log sheet and see if you can complete the tasks within the dance!


Stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs