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Wednesday 29th April

Today's challenge is to find fractions of amounts.  You will need to find some buttons, lego counters ets.  Most of the activities come from the powerpoint.  Just remember to show your grown ups how to do the bar model.  Remember to check the destination questions carefully.  I've also added an additional challenge for those of you that finish quickly.

Wednesday Maths

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Finding fractions of amounts


Today I want you to recall the story of Egyptian Cinderella to an adult at home.  Describe what happened. 

Reading questions

1)  Describe what Rhodopis’ slippers looked like.

2)  Use the book to find out some of the things that Rhodopis had to overcome.

3)  How did Rhodopis feel as the great falcon took her slippers away?


Today’s task

Today I would like you to write a descriptive paragraph comparing the story of Egyptian Cinderella and the original version.  Use the link below to watch the video.



When you go outside in the next couple of days see if you can find some pebbles and create a picture of your family.  Can you decorate them and put them into a frame?

Upload to the blog or send me an email of your projects.