Primary School

Learning, achieving, working together


I was so impressed with the descriptions that I was sent yesterday.  I can see that some of you have been working really hard to consider the setting and situation.  Some of you kept the mystery alive by revealing very little and some of you made it creepy by alerting the reader to very specific details of the event.


Today, I would like you to look at the video from another point of view.  This time I would like you write a character description for the person in the red scarf.  I would like a detailed paragraph about them.  You can use what you can see in the video but I also want you to to consider what their voice is like, how they walk, how tall they are, how they would behave etc.  I want you to think outside the box and create a detailed person including more than what you see in the video - use your imagination.  Why does he wear a scarf over his face for example?


For maths, get started with this brain teaser.


Nigel has difficulty remembering telephone numbers but he can remember connections between the digits in them. He wants to call his friend Emma; he knows that her number starts with 5 and he remembers that the next two digits total 5, the next two digits are double the 2nd and 3rd digits and the last digit is one more than the 5th digit, and that no digit is repeated.


What could Emma’s number be?



Now try this:


Think of a number.

Add 3.

Double it.

Add 4.

Halve it.

Subtract your starting number.  I predict that you will end up with 5.


Try again.  Use a different number.  I predict that you will end up with 5.


Try again and again and again.  Why not try using decimals or fractions?  

Why is your answer always the same?

Can you create a similar list of rules that always gives you the same answer?


I have set a science task for you on Purple Mash.  We are going to start looking at evolution and adaptation.  How have animals adapted to survive and thrive in their setting.  We are going to start by looking at woodlands.  I would like you to pick an animal and create a poster to show what adaptations it has to survive in the wild.