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Friday 1st May

Wow I can't believe it is May already!  Use today to finish off this week's activities.  Have you tried making a fossil?  The activities are in Thursday?  Have you been into your garden or for a walk in the local area and found some pebbles to create some pebble art?


Please keep emailing what you've been up.  It's so lovely to hear from you.


Don't forget to upload some work onto the blog.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Byrne


Friday English

Reading questions

Write a review of the story.  Did you enjoy it?  Be honest.


Today’s task

Draw a picture and write about Rhodopis’ feelings at different points in the story.  Use the frame attached to support you with your ideas.  Think about what you did last week for Tadeo Jones and link to the Egyptian Cinderella.  Extra challenge  - you could choose one of the points in the story and write a diary about it.  Think about how she is thinking and feeling.

Friday Maths

Sorry no power point today year 3.  Today you are going to try and solve some problems in Maths.  Let's see how you get on.  I've also added a times tables sheet to practice too.