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Junior Travel Ambassadors

Junior travel Ambassadors

Our current Travel Ambassadors are Megan, Sophia, Liam and Ryan.  They have spoken to the school about the importance of being 'bright' and being 'seen' in the dark winter nights.  They have also placed posters on our fences to remind parents not to sit in cars with the engine on. 

Receiving our Silver Modeshift Stars award

Well done us!

We are walking tall after receiving Modeshift STARS national awards for our active and eco-friendly travel plans.

Micklem Primary School has  been working with Hertfordshire County to encourage walking and cycling to school.

We have been encouraging our pupils and families to be more active every day by swapping the car for a healthier and more environmentally friendly school run.

Modeshift STARS is the national schools awards scheme which recognises schools demonstrating a healthy track record by supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

We have pulled out all of the stops to reach silver level for the first time by vastly increasing the numbers of pupils walking, cycling or scootering to school.  Our school has dramatically reduced the amount of car travel to and from school.

Hertfordshire County Council’s Assistant Director for Transport, Waste and Environmental Management, Simon Aries said: “Travelling actively to school improves the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children, enhancing the whole school community.

“It really does make a difference as children become healthier and more prepared for learning if they have some fresh air and exercise before and after the school day.

“It also brings the added benefits of reducing air pollution levels around schools, creating a healthier atmosphere for everybody.”

We have a School Crossing Patrol who encourages children to cross with them every day, helping to develop good road safety skills while helping the environment by reducing the need for unnecessary car journeys.

Hertfordshire County Council works with schools across the county on a range of road safety and sustainable travel initiatives. You can find out more through



Junior Travel Ambassadors Celebration Event

Our Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) hosted a celebration event with three other schools.  Led by Sue O'Brien the children demonstrated their knowledge around travel to school.  Each group shared a scrap book of the work and impact they had had on sustainable travel in their own schools.  A range of special guests attended including Councillor Dourris.  They were all impressed by the work the children had undertaken.