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Tuesday 7th July

Hello hello!


How did you get on with the division work from yesterday?  I hope you managed the destination questions ok?  Today I'm going to get you to investigate some shapes linked to flags in the olympic countries.    In English I would like you to improve the sentences written and uplevel them.  The more interesting the better!


I've also included a music challenge.  I keep getting it wrong.  Let me know how you get on?


Have a lovely day!

Mrs Byrne

Maths - Olympic flags

Here's a chance to investigate some of them.

Pick a flag and investigate some of the following:-

What shapes can you see in it?  Can you describe them and their angles?

Does the flag have any lines of reflective symmetry, if so how many lines?

Can you find any pairs of parallel lines?  If so mark them on your flag.

Are there any lines perpendicular to one another?

Can you find a way to classify the shapes in your flag?

Now try with another flag.

52. Hi Lo Chickalo Hand Game

For the 5th Graders: A fun hand-game with partner. You can play with a real partner, or with me!