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Friday 3rd July

Good morning year 4


Friday again!!  How did your house do yesterday?  What did you think of sports day at home?  A little different but fun, I hope.  



Today's mystery is at the swimming pool or alternatively you can try the sports trophy.  They both help with your maths fluency.  



If you haven't completed your persuasive text on your favourite sport or sporting hero, you can do that today.  I have also attached a template - if I were an olympian.  What would you look like?  Which sport would you be an olympian in?  

Other activities


If you want to finish the week with more exercise (maybe this could get you, your blue peter badge?)

then have a look at the cardio activities - cardio refers to your heart so they are activities that will get your heart racing.


I have attached a memory page for your school year in year 4.  I don't think you will ever have another year like it so I thought it might be fun!  I would love to see them so please send them to me


Have a lovely weekend year 4 and stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs