Primary School

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Year 5/6

Food Technology

First wash your hands!

With adult permission and supervision

Can you make a fruit salad for you and your family?  Think about the fruits you want to include and draw out your ingredients.  Practise how to use a peeler or knife to help you cut the fruit.  Remember to keep the blade away from your fingers and to go slowly and carefully.


Design and Build

Design and build a marble run for you and your family to play using old bottles, boxes, tubes, kitchen rolls, lego or anything else. 


Design a game for you and your family to play.  You need to think about how many players and what the objective is.  Are you going to be moving around a board and if so what can you use for player pieces?  Think about the rules?  Will there be a dice? Can you make it digitally interactive? 


If you would like to share your work then please email it to me at

Good luck

Mrs Stokley smiley

Design and Technology Lead