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Hi Year 3


Did you have a lovely Easter and get up to anything nice?  I did quite a lot of baking over the holidays, its something that I'e not done for a while and I'm not very good at.  I'll add the pictures below.


I can see a few of you have completed topics on canals.  There's still time to complete the activities and I will upload them on here.  


This week I would like you to watch the video attached about an Ancient Egyptian explorer.  Today I would like you to stop the video at 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  What do you think will happen next?  How is the character feeling?  Re-play the video again.  Write a detailed description about what the inside of the tomb looks like.  Can you use any fronted adverbials and detailed description about what the tomb looks like.  e.g. See – pitch black, enormous, stone walls etc. Hear – eerie silence, falling dust and debris etc. Feel – cold, lifeless, airless etc.


For Maths I would like you to practice telling the time on an analogue clock.  I've set some activities on purple mash to do to help you.  Also, try following the link to complete the BBC bitesize daily Maths activities.


For Science I would like to see if you can find out about the three different sorts of rocks.  Can you draw and label pictures about them?  See if you can use starburst to make the 3 different types.


Look forward to hearing from you soon


Mrs Byrne


Tadeo Jones

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Remember that you can always:

- get quicker on Times Table Rockstars

- read with a family member

- try activities on Purple Mash

- look at the extra activities on the school website