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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning year 4


How are you getting on with telling the time?  Quite a few of you have had a go at making the sundial, some have worked and some haven't.  Do you prefer the ancient method or the modern method of telling the time?  There are videos on You tube about making a water clock if anyone wants to attempt that!!



Today's maths power point focuses on 5 minutes and nearest minute.  Have a listen and then pick your challenge! 


Still image for this video



Today we a planning our own story.  This is the invention stage.  Have a listen to the power point and off you go, let your imaginations run wild!!  and I KNOW you have great imaginations.  


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Today's idea.  Have a go at making a paper plane, which one is most effective?  Why?  

Have a great day year 4!  


Mrs Hobbs