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8th July 2020

Dear Year One,

Here's a funny song for today  I kept getting it wrong and giggling!  See if you can do better than me! laugh

Your last multiplication and division lesson is loaded up for you below. 

Link for the film:

For English, watch the clip from 0:35-1:18 and write down every action (verb) you see- what do the meerkats do in this scene?  You could say.. ‘spring’ from the burrow, ‘look’ around, ‘smell’ the fruit.  We could write a sentence to say - 'The meerkat looks around the desert'.    Can you then write it in the past tense?  'The meerkat looked around the desert'.  Choose 1 or 2 verbs and see if you can write a sentence in the present (happening now) and in the past tense (happened a while ago). 

I hope you like the film - I love meerkats heart

Take care,

Mrs Stokley smiley


Wednesday maths.mp4

Still image for this video