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The Curse of the Highwayman Chapter 1

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You can listen to me read, read along with me or turn off the sound and read yourself. You choose your challenge.

English activities:

Today I would like you to read the chapter (either listen to me read, read with me or turn the sound off so you can read).  Then I would like you to do three different activities:

  • Inference.  How do the children feel?  How do you know?  You could do what we've done in class and draw an outline picture of them and write their feelings inside and the evidence (what they do and say) outside.
  • Grammar.  Look at all the punctuation.  I can see ""!.,;'- all on the first page.  You could read the page and use kung fu punctuation moves while you read.
  • Writing.  You should write their conversation on the way home where they talk about silly pub names.  "Don't forget your speech punctuation," said Mr. Cuthbert.

e.g. As they walked home the children laughed and joked.  Zac laughed and said, "The best name for a pub would be________________."

Shona smiled and replied,____

Monday maths - co-ordinates

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Please practise your times tables as a warm up - use Times table rock stars, make up your own questions or use the ones I've given you in the video.

Afternoon learning.

Monday is year 5's PE and healthy living lessons.

Please find a PE activity to complete and feel free to do something to keep you or those around you healthy.  Example activities below.

Things to do indoors