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Monday 15th June

Good morning year 4


I hope you had a good weekend.  Let me know via or via the school blog if you have any news to share.  I always like to see you and hear from you.



This week we are going to go back over decimals beginning with making a whole number.  Watch the video and then have a go at the activity.  I have provided the answers if you wanted to check them.  Like last week, I have added a problem of the day and for those of you not confident with decimals - have a go at the alternative worksheet - recognising 1/4.

Lesson 1 - Step 1 - Make a whole



For this week's learning we are going to practice some of our grammar and punctuation based on work around 'Amazing Aliens' written by Maria Richards from Talk 4 Writing.  All the tasks are on the attached sheet, you can listen to Maria read the script about Amazing Aliens and/or it is also on the sheet so that you can read it yourself.  


Your task is to make some new 'alien words' and create a definition for them.  Have fun, be creative!

Other ideas and activities


Music - we had a small go on the boomwhackers before lockdown.  I have found this link on the web to virtual boomwhackers.  Have a practice and then see if you can play the attached sheet - Somewhere over the Rainbow or you may like to try making up your own tune?

Finally, for today, check out these delicious quick and easy recipes you might be able to try at home and if not, I enjoyed watching them anyway.  Maybe you can think of some of your own?  


Have a good day and stay safe.


Mrs Hobbs


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