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Today's task is to write a special kind of poem called a Kenning.  I'm sure you did some work on Kennings in year 4.  The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were very fond of them.

They are poems where every line is 2 words: a noun (thing) followed by a verb ending in -er.

There's an example below written by the ship's captain about the Phoenix.

There's also a link to other Kennings for you to explore.


I would like you to choose to write a poem about either:

  • The ship
  • The Phoenix
  • The captain of the ship

If you enjoy them why don't you do more than one!

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

Visual images and bar models often help us when thinking about fractions.

Make sure you only multiply the numerator (number on the top), not the denominator.

You might find your answer is larger than one and you've got to turn it into a mixed number.

Geography - the last of 3 lessons on resources and energy.

Did you know that Great Britain has now been coal free for 2 months - none of our national electricity has been supplied from burning coal since April 10th.  Have a look at the resources here and maybe you could let me know if you think this is a good thing or not.