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24th April 2020

Morning Year One

How are you today?  I have a poorly eye today so I'm typing this to you with one eye open!  I need a patch like a pirate! Oh dear.indecision

How are you enjoying the Jack and the Beanstalk songs?  Here are the next two: the giant singing and my favourite one about the Golden Hen

I am uploading the next instalment of the story for you to have a go at writing some sentences.  Remember to practise your best handwriting. You can always read the story again to help remind yourself of the order and the characters.

I am also uploading some Animal research from Doring Kindersley see if you can classify which animals are in each group..reptiles, mammals and so on.  Have a look at the video and the other pages that tell you all about the animals.

I hope the sun is shining again for you tomorrow,

Mrs Stokley smiley

Jack and the Beanstalk