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Meditation - Feeling Good Week February 2018

Feeling Good Week - February 2018


We have been learning about how to keep healthy this week, we thought about how to keep our minds healthy. 


We read a story called Something Else by Katherine Cave and thought about how the characters were feeling when people were unkind. We thought about ways to help them and decided that if we feel sad about anything there are safe adults for us to talk to in school and at home. We thought it would be a good idea to talk to our family, our teachers, our head teacher. 


The children took part in a meditation session with Georgie, they learnt how to calm their minds and bodies using breathing techniques and listening to music to guide when to breath in and out to slow and calm our breathing. They learnt some self massage techniques to ground themselves in the moment and to help them concentrate, the children know that if we sit with our knees bent in front of us and rub from our knees to our toes and back up and then down to our hips it helps us to feel calm. The children have enjoyed using this technique when we have our daily guided meditation after lunch.


Take a look at us using the singing bowl and practising some calming techniques!