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Experiment 1

Half Term Experiments


Dear Year One,

This is not work you have to do but I thought you might like to do some STEM experiments in half term.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths so we are learning 4 subjects at once!

For today you will need:


dull 2p or 1p coins

vinegar or lemon juice or coca-cola


Follow my video (Go to Children, Video Centre, Year 1 Closure) to find the first experiment.  Then when you have waited 5 hours and have something to report, go to the results video and we can compare our findings.

This is just for fun!

Mrs Stokley smiley

P.S. I have put some pirate art on Purple Mash for you.  I have removed all your old work into your folders and will now put a time limit on all activities so it's easier to find the new from the old.